Responsibly sourced, best value QUINOA from the Andes.

Looking to purchase quinoa? The choices can be overwhelming:

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We can you help find and source the right quinoa for your needs!

JACHA INTI can be your guide to the quinoa universe

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Are you looking to increase your quinoa sales, add a new quinoa line to your brand or maybe develop a product containing quinoa?

We know that sourcing quinoa from the Andes can be a risky, frustrating and confusing adventure:

  • Inventory planning difficult due to changing lead times caused by political instability at origin
  • Adulteration, chemical contamination and infestation risks. 
  • Little to no contract enforceability with origin suppliers
  • Lack of homogeneous quality or varieties
  • Limited available volumes for scaling up
  • Limited pricing and market data

You want to include quinoa in your products or further grow your current line.  It’s unfair to be held back by an unreliable, murky and complex supply chain! 

NO Problem.

Port strikes. Road Blocks. Political revolts. Mandated factory shut-downs and lock-downs. We got this. We have 14 years of experience in Bolivia and Peru, safely guiding our clients through multiple crises.

Quality QUINOA

There are many varieties of quinoa. Whether you are looking to make a side-dish, a soup, a frozen dish, a cold salad, an extruded snack, a beverage, or a cookie there is a “right” quinoa out there for that.

Did you know that the level of seed polishing, temperature of grain drying and sizing affects cooking times and water uptake of the quinoa?   

Jacha Inti tightly controls the production processes at its own facility so that it can assure the quality meets your expectations- every time.

Remember: There is no “bad” quinoa!  Just the right quinoa for the right application.


We define value as quality/price.  When purchasing quinoa, the combination of pricing, volume and shipment timing is key. An informed decision requires you to have up-to-date information on current prices, forecasts, transit times, new varieties and applications. Jacha Inti has a dedicated team gathering and sharing market intel with its customers. You are the first to know when there are market shifts and equipped to make the right purchasing decisions.

Responsible QUINOA

Discovering the right quinoa for your application is only part of the puzzle.  Another key aspect to achieving a sustainable supply chain is  sourcing responsibly.  Your purchases have an impact on people and planet. It’s important that it is measured and communicated to you. Your purchases = your impact!

Ready to embark on your Andean QUINOA ADVENTURE?  

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1-Determine Quality

There is no “bad” quinoa, just the the wrong choice for the application.

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2-Lock Price + Volume

You have the right quinoa for your needs, now determine pricing, volume and shipment timing.

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3-Measure + Share Impact

You should know the impact your purchases have on people and planet.

Trust us, we KNOW QUINOA

We are a diverse group of entrepreneurs, adventurers, foodies, agronomists, engineers and financiers.  We each have an area of expertise but share a common love for quinoa and doing things right.

Remember, Sourcing quinoa does not have to be a stressful adventure.

You do not need to lose sleep over whether there is child labor in your supply chain, whether all laws are followed overseas, whether the product might be contaminated with pesticides and -with all the political turmoil at origin- if it will even get to you on time and at the contracted price!

We are with you.

With Jacha Inti as your quinoa supplier you can be a confident, market-savvy quinoa buyer- with a solid supply chain and assurance of positive, measurable social and environmental impact.

Confidently share the goodness of quinoa with the world.